Step 1:

Upload an SVG file of your logo.

Paste the URL below:

Step 2:

Add the code below to the <head> of your site.

<link rel="logo" 

What is it?

rel="logo" is a proposed standard for serving and maintaining up-to-date logos for use in various media. By including a line of code on your site that links to a scalable vector logo, you make it very easy for other websites, applications, readers, clients, and stations to ensure that they are using an approved logo directly from you.

rel="logo" is a link relation tag, much like commonly used icon tags favicon or apple-touch-icon.



<img src="http://relogo.org/api/diy.org"/>

This example uses the relogo.org API.
The API can be used to check if a site uses the rel="logo" tag. By adding http://relogo.org/api/yourdomain.com to the src of an image tag, the API is pulling the URL provided by that site to their SVG logo. The API is just an example of use, it is not required to support this proposed standard.

= site does not support relogo.org
= site does not exist

Current Support

Below are some sites currently supporting this proposed standard


jQuery Logo Downloadtip - If your site supports rel=logo, add 'right-click-to-download' to your logo

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